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4196 HG TRICHT The Netherlands
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Company profile

Hak International, worldwide excellence  

If it’s a matter of design, completing, modifying, managing and maintaining large diameter transport pipelines, this division of A.Hak is professionalism.

Using only the best available equipment and technology, A.Hak International B.V. delivers excellence on time over the whole world.

The Key Issues Every international project is a tailor made agreement between contractor and owner. Still there are key factors which A.Hak International B.V. takes pride in pushing it to the highest levels.

Safety Safety is an attitude which continuously merges with the latest quality standards and collaborates with every detailed step needed for the delivery of a successful project. This attitude ensures that employees stay healthy and at the same time guarantees clients high standards are maintained and exceeded.

Control From front end engineering, via risk analysis to the turn key delivery of a project, ‘fit for purpose’ management and excellent communication optimises time and quality. Transparency in what we do reduces risk, reduces accidents and reduces stoppages.

Problem Solving Attitude ‘Getting the job done’ is an attitude you’ll find in every A.Hak company. Remote projects demand that little extra effort from all participants; anticipating unforeseen problems. You can plan and manage 95% of a project but there will always be that moment where a person or team has to rely on creativity and experience mixed with common sense. This attitude is second nature to A.Hak International B.V.