Under the UN $3.5 billion war compensation program, the Kuwait Oil Company (“KOC”) has started the process of clean-up of the Kuwait Oil Lakes by issuing a tender to all prequalified soil remediation providers for a field demonstration project.

The deadline for the tender for this demonstration project is December 1(st) , 2013. With a possibility to extend the date.

The tender for this field demonstration show the serious intent of KOC to source the best technologies and processes that can effectively and economically deal with 40 to 60 million tons of heavy sludge and oil contaminated soil, which is spread out in 340 Oil Lakes over 114 sq km. A comprehensive knowledge of sludge treatment, soil washing and soil remediation for this works is required for cleaning-up the Kuwait Oil Lakes.

The applicant shall address any queries related to this tender to the KOC team leader contracts :

contaction@kockw.com copied to sshussain@kockw.com and ntarkait@kockw.com
+965 23865721

Applicants shall access the company website and obtain the required document by following the string: www.kockw.com; eTendering; KOC tenders; IFP-1301