“Innovators in the energy industry acting in a cluster”

The Netherlands has a longstanding history of energy production. Historically a major gas field was exploited. Exploration and production of challenging offshore oil and gas locations enabled development of technology now widely used for offshore wind farms. Besides solar power, widespread use of heat pumps and biomass, now hydrogen plays a major role in the future of development of the energy sector in the Netherlands. Throughout these developments the Dutch industries have built an excellent reputation for innovation, reliability and quality.

The Netherlands currently aims to become a pioneer country in the energy transition. While supply of fossil fuels is depleting and the need to take action for climate change is critical, the demand for renewable energy sources continues to rise. The Dutch government is taking part in a global effort to develop low CO2 energy economy that is safe, reliable and affordable.

The Gulf region is the world’s largest energy producer and cooperation offers the Dutch industry and the Gulf players numerous joint opportunities. Dutch Energy Solutions: Transform Through Innovation is an innovative cluster to implement these opportunities. The objective of the cluster is to enhance meaningful executive relationships, to find matches between technology and market needs, to define cooperation projects and extend business relations, with the aim of transforming our global energy sector towards achieving climate change goals.

Under the Dutch Energy Solutions numerous successful executive level trade mission, seminars and workshops have taken place across the Gulf region during the past ten years.

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