Circularity in industry covers different aspects. First, industries buy vast amounts of materials for industrial processes, or goods used in industry because of their functions (e.g. equipment). Circularity aims firstly at reducing waste of materials, rest materials and complete reuse of goods at the end of their lifetime.

Secondly, procurement teams in industry have a large influence on the prequalification of sustainable suppliers and the use of sustainable products, as far as possible for the required purpose. Hence, Dutch Energy Solutions aims to equip procurement teams to systematically enhance circularity and other aspects of sustainability by requiring supplies to comply to best practices. Performance of suppliers should be monitored by adequate certification of their product and processes.

Thirdly, responsible businesses are stewards of the products they supply to the world. Dutch Energy Solutions aims to equip these businesses with knowledge, tools and a collaborative network to improve product stewardship. For example, petrochemical industries with their vast knowledge of plastic products and their application for numerous useful cases, are and can be a great partner in establishing the avoidance of single use plastics and far going reuse of other plastics.